In this post I'm going to share with you 5 mistakes 90% of network marketers make online, so you can avoid them and actually generate leads and make money.

Mistake #1 – They think their business is the company they partner with (or their products)

The truth is that the company your partner with or their products IS NOT your business. Your business is actually YOU and what YOU have to offer. This is why it’s important to brand yourself, and not promote the company’s brand. You must brand YOURSELF and what YOU have to offer. End of the day, people do business with people they know, like and trust.

For you to start building that trust, you must first learn to brand yourself and second provide content that’s going to provide solutions for your target audience’s problem; and in you giving them that solution they’re going to LOVE YOU and TRUST YOU and then they’re going to want to know exactly what it is that you do.

Also, people aren’t specifically looking for another company or products or more money in itself. I mean, if they’re already, say, in a network marketing company, then that company is already promising them to make more money; so why would they look somewhere else? What people are really looking for is LEADERSHIP. So if in all the content you’re providing shows that you actually are a leader, then people are going to want to join you and go on the journey of whatever it is that you do.

Mistake #2 – They don’t build relationships by adding value

I’ve already spoken a bit about this, and that’s about adding value by providing free content that people can take away and implement into their lives and start getting results today. You see, if people get results from the content you provide then they’re going to know that you have so much more to offer and they’re going to want to know exactly what it is that you do. This is the time where they’ll want to know about your company and products and they’ll be more likely to buy from you at this point.

Mistake #3 – They think it’s all about “positioning”

I’ve seen a lot of Network Marketers go from company to company to company. Literally, within 5 years they’ve been in like 10 different companies and they’re not making the money they want. But they have this belief that it’s all about “positioning” and that “if you position yourself in the right company at the right time, you’re going to end up making all the money.” Let me tell you right now that that is all a load of B.S! Success is not all about “positioning”.

People with this pattern may also have a belief that if you get in a new company at the right time, like right at the beginning, you’re going to make the most money because the people that are there at the beginning are the ones that make the most money. Again, this belief is B.S! You see, the people that end up making all the money aren't the people that ended up “positioning” themselves, it’s the people that just get started anyway, take massive action and commit themselves to their success. Their commitment is to learning, to their personal development, to learning new marketing strategies and to just seeing it through UNTIL they succeed, not until another company comes along so they can go “position” themselves better. C'mon people… Business is business, not sex – success is NOT about positioning. Success comes from committing yourself UNTIL you succeed, no matter what!

The whole things on “the people that are there at the beginning make most of the money”, to a certain degree is partly true. This is because those people that were at the beginning, they’re still there 5 or 10 years later and that’s why they’re making most of the money. It’s not because they “positioned” themselves properly. It’s because they’ve been in the same game, in the same company, learning and growing and figuring it out UNTIL they succeeded.

When I hear people say that “the people at the beginning make the most money”, I say “yeah, you’re right. If you get started in a company 5 years after it started, of course one of the first people that got started might be making most of the money. Let’s say they’re already making $5 million per year and you’re only just getting started. But let’s say 5 years down the track they’re making $20 million per year and you’re only making $2 million per year, guess what? That person that got started at the beginning of the company is still making most of the money! But are you going to be happy making $2 million dollars per year, after 5 years of getting started? I’m sure you will! You see, it’s not about “positioning”, it’s about being committed and doing the work UNTIL!

Mistake #4 – They’re not open to learning new marketing strategies

Not all of them, but a lot of network marketing companies are still doing things the old school way. They’re still talking to family and friends and bringing them to hotel meetings, and that’s all outdated. Doing business like this just doesn’t work as well anymore. Today, with the power of the internet you can leverage it. For example, you can hold a webinar with 1000 people and even if just 10% of those 1000 people convert, then that’s 100 people into your organisation. How much better is that than taking two people to a little hotel party!

So the point of this is that you’ve got to be open to learning about new marketing strategies so that you can build your business more effectively and successfully.

An awesome strategy I love is Attraction Marketing, which is about putting out valuable content where you then attract interested people who want to know what it is that you do and offer.

Mistake #5 – They go from company to company hoping to strike it lucky

This is similar to Mistake #3 on positioning. But this one is about people that go from company to company hoping that one of them is going to succeed for them, just all of a sudden. But that doesn’t happen! If that's what you’re doing, I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re going to be going from company to company for the rest of your life and you’re not going to create the life of your dreams.

Success is NOT about luck. Success is about having a vision for what you want in your life, deciding on ONE company that’s in alignment with you, getting stuck into the training, learning new marketing strategies, and committing yourself UNTIL you succeed.

If you start in a new company, give yourself a goal where you’re going to give it YOUR ALL for 2 years straight and if you don’t create any results, then quit. In fact, I’d even say to give yourself 5 years in the one company and give it YOUR ALL.


So how can you avoid these mistakes? Well, just do the opposite of each mistake. For example:

1. Brand YOU – Remember, your business is YOU Inc
2. Build relationships, add value and solve people’s problems
3. Let go of the belief that it’s all about “positioning”
4. Consistently learn new marketing strategies and implement them
5. DECIDE to give it your all UNTIL you succeed

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