Are you looking for a transformational shift in your online business to help you make more money so you can finally fire your boss and live your dreams?

In this post I'm going to share with you just that. And if you take it on and apply it, I can guarantee you're going to be well on your way to building the business of your dreams.

So are you ready for it? Here it is…

Get comfortable with being SOLD TO.

Now, this post isn't a way to get you to buy from me, so hold on and keep reading because this really can transform your business (and life) in a positive way. Let me share with you WHY…

The problem with a lot of people is that as soon as someone is selling to them (or they're watching a sales video), they feel uncomfortable because they feel like the sales person (or whomever it is) is trying to just make a buck of them (or whatever story they're telling themselves).

The problem with this is that when this same person turns around and tries to offer someone else their own products, services of opportunity…

They feel uncertain and maybe not worthy of making that sale.

Why does this happen?

Because unconsciously this person is thinking…

“*I* feel uncomfortable being SOLD TO, therefore I don't want others to feel the same.”

Can you see how this person could go their whole life trying to build a successful business, but never actually creating success because they don't feel comfortable offering people their products, services or opportunity – or even desiring to master the skill of closing?

So what could this person do instead to create financial success in their business?

Here's the answer…


Now, this doesn't mean you have to buy EVERYTHING people sell to you.

It just means to feel comfortable with it.

Because once you FEEL comfortable with being SOLD TO, or being closed into a sale, you won't have any hesitations with presenting your offer to people or closing them – which of course means YOU make more money!

So then you could make sales ALL DAY LONG, because your unconscious mind would finally be in alignment with what you consciously want.

So how can you start putting this into practice?

Here's some ideas…

1. When someone tries to sell you something (or give you a biz opp video/presentation), don't get annoyed. Instead, be grateful for it.

In fact, even ask them questions about their offer and be genuinely interested – not because you're going to buy it, but to get comfortable with them selling to you.

2. When you watch any sales video in the future, watch ALL OF IT with a sense of gratitude…

And instead of thinking: “Great! Another video trying to sell me!”

…think: “What can I learn from this video?”

3. When someone is trying to close you, recognise it and be grateful for it.

Remember, you don't have to buy whatever they're trying to close you into, if it's not a fit.


***The act of feeling comfortable with being SOLD TO, will allow you to feel comfortable with closing more sales in YOUR business!***

Awesome, huh!? 🙂

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