Learn how to become rich by educating yourself with, and applying, the Laws of Prosperity.

I just LOVEEE learning about the laws of prosperity and money! So many people are broke and unhappy, yet if they focused on learning and applying as much as they can about prosperity and money, just as much as they focus on their hobbies, they would instantly find some hope for their financial future and it wouldn't be long before they start seeing better results in their lives.

Are you on the path to financial freedom? Would you like to be?

On this post, I want to share some of the things I’ve learned so that you too can get started on your journey to financial freedom. I’m also going to share some books that have helped successful people, including myself, create great financial results in their lives.

Prosperity Tips

1. What you think will make you act in ways that will bring those thoughts into reality.

If you think about poverty and being broke all the time, you'll act in ways that will keep you poor. If you think about prosperity and feel prosperous, you'll act in ways that will bring about more prosperity into your life.

2. If you believe that getting rich is being greedy, think again. Getting rich is your God-given right.

And in getting rich, you create more jobs and opportunities for other people. You also become an example of what's possible, which others will want to follow. Getting rich doesn't just benefit you, it benefits society.

3. To prosper, you must feel like you are already prosperous.

This goes hand in hand with point #1. If you think and feel that prosperity is lacking in your life, you'll continue to experience exactly that – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Instead, you must create an absolute certain belief that your are prospering and NEVER think or speak of prosperity without feeling confident that you will receive more.

4. To prosper, you must prosper others.

How do you feel when you're about to pay your electricity bill – or any other bill? If you hate paying your bills, you're robbing yourself of prosperity. Bills are a normal part of life and if, when you pay them, you feel happy about it because you know that in doing so you're prospering others, you will become more prosperous.

5. Your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) will not make you rich.

Jobs are designed to pay you the least amount possible, while making the owners (or shareholders) of the company rich. If you want to get rich you must find, learn and apply a more effective strategy. Some ideas include investing in the stock market, real estate or starting your own business – you’re going to want to learn from successful people instead of trying to figure out a strategy on your own.

6. It’s your right to become rich – staying poor is a sin.

If you look at the world God (or whatever you call him) created around you, he’s created everything in abundance. When a seed is planted, it grows a plant and that plant sows plenty more seeds – and the cycle continues and plants grow abundantly. Also, our universe is ever expanding. If you’re living with a limited mentality, you’re not acting in accordance with the laws of the universe, which God has instated. Believe for more and expect more because you deserve more!

Books on Prosperity and Money

Think & Grow Rich
Rich Dad Poor Dad
The Richest Man In Babylon
The Total Money Makeover
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
The Science of Getting Rich

• And last but not least, The Bible. There's 2350 verses dealing with money, property and related matters in there. Read it for the wisdom on prosperity and money, if nothing else interests you.

Click here to see 250 verses on money.

Click here to see a reference to all 2350 verses.

Remember, if you work diligently and in accordance with the laws of the universe, you will be rewarded – it’s inevitable!

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