So you want to better your life in 2016? It’s actually super easy to move your life forward in leaps and bounds within 12 months. But firstly, I have an IMPORTANT question for you…

What could your life look like on Christmas 2016?

A lot of people have been so busy celebrating Christmas and, soon, New Years that they haven't given much thought to what they want to accomplish in the next year.

In fact, most people don't ever think about it and then wonder why they're stuck in life and can never get the results they want!

How would you FEEL on Christmas 2016 if you could create whatever you want in the next 12 months?

This year has been a HUGE year for me with some MASSIVE HIGHS and some extreme lows.

One of the lowest times of my life was letting go of a traditional business that was holding us back from taking our lives to the next level.

Before we let it go, it was scary but we did it anyway while making the commitment to solely focus on our online business and go places we've never been before!

On Christmas Day, while most people (including us) were celebrating with family, what separated me from everyone else was that I was also thinking about my family's next 12 months.

You see, when Christmas 2016 comes around I don't want to FEEL like I didn't MAKE A DECISION TO MOVE FORWARD in an exciting direction in life.

I want my family to be living an even more EXTRAORDINARY LIFE with unimaginable amounts of PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE, HAPPINESS and FREEDOM!

I then asked myself this question “What 3 things do I want to master that will allow me to achieve my goals by Christmas 2016?”

My answers were:

1. Blogging
2. Copywriting
3. Prospecting

I also thought of 2 main goals I want to achieve, being…

1. Making $50,000 USD in a 30 day period
2. Growing my primary business' team members by 100

After I wrote this down, it FELT GREAT and I knew this was my direction for 2016!

Do you think you could increase your results 10x next year if you wrote down a simple plan like I did?

Of course, you could!

But here's the most exciting part…

Later that day I checked my emails and found a Christmas offer for a Copywriting Mastery course, which at first I thought was totally in alignment with my goals!

But guess what my brain then told me….

“Yes, your plan is to buy it… but not buy it right now.”

After that I had a small battle in my head because, although it's something I want, I told myself that I had so many other things to do and trainings to get through first before I bought the Copywriting course.

After a bit of this, I finally thought to myself that if I want the success I envision by Christmas 2016 as bad as I want to breath, then I must put ALL that monkey chatter in a box, seal it up, put it to the side and FOLLOW MY HEART.

Guess what I did next?

I bought the Copywriting Mastery course – on Christmas Day – and it FELT AMAZINGGG!!!

I was PUMPED because – even though it's not 2016 yet – I still made a decision that is going to allow my goals and dreams to come true next year!!

So a couple of questions I have for you…

1. What could you accomplish by Christmas 2016?
2. What decisions could you make TODAY to start moving in that direction?

Something I learned from Tony Robbins a few months ago was…

“Never leave the site of setting a goal without first taking some form of POSITIVE ACTION TOWARD ITS ATTAINMENT.”

This is one of my favourite quotes, because when you set goals and TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION, that moment you TAKE ACTION it's you telling God/the universe that YOU'RE SERIOUS about creating the life of your dreams!

By now, I'm sure you realise how important it is to start designing your 2016!

By now, you'd also realise that YOU WILL TAKE ACTION if you're truly serious about your dreams!

So tell me, what could your life look like on Christmas 2016?

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