Significantly Increase Blog Traffic by participating in a Facebook Syndication Group

Syndicating your blog through a Facebook Syndication Group is such an important part of building a brand online. Syndicating your content is going to get you more traffic and, in return, rank your posts in search engines. It’s also a great way of creating legitimate back links.

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I was introduced to this concept a couple of months back by my friend, Alex Bender, after he inspired me to start up a new blog again. Previously, I had started a couple of blogs but nothing that created results for me like this blog is.

After I first started this blog, Alex quickly told me that visitors to your content will feel more comfortable commenting if there’s already comments on your blog – that totally made sense to me. He then gave me the run down on how this type of activity can make you the authority in your niche in no time!

What is a Syndication Group?

A syndication group is a Facebook group where a community participates by posting new content (blog posts, videos, and Facebook posts) and in return will comment, share and like other people’s content.

Why use a Syndication Group?

Have you noticed how hard it is to get the first comment on your blog post, YouTube or Facebook video? Or how hard it is to get your first like or share?

As mentioned already, people are more likely to comment, like and share your content if there’s already some engagement – at least 1 comment. Once there is one comment, more people will be inclined to comment. This will get more people engaging in your content and by engaging they’ll be more likely to come back.

There’s also some other great benefits to participating in a syndication group:

• By having more people engage in your content, you’ll quickly become the authority in your niche – it creates social proof!

• When people engage, you’ll get a clearer perspective of what your readers love so you can continually get quality, value-driven content out.

• When commenting on other people’s blog posts you can include a URL to your content, which creates back links and helps your posts to rank on search engines.

• When you get comments and you reply, new visitors will see that you’re a genuine person who cares about their readers and customers.

How does it work?

Generally, there’s a simple 3 step system to a Facebook syndication group. I’d recommend to read a group’s guidelines first as it can vary slightly. But for this example, we’ll use this 3 step system:

1. Read, comment and like on 5 other people’s content
2. Post your new content and tag the 5 people whose content you’ve engaged in
3. Wait and reap the rewards of your work (getting engagement on your content)

Syndication groups will usually have a few options for syndication including:

• Blog posts
• YouTube & Facebook videos
• Facebook page engagement

The best part…

Since I started participating in syndication groups, the two best things I’ve found is being able to learn from others and, more importantly, building valuable relationships.

I am continually learning more about internet marketing through people’s posts and videos on internet marketing syndication groups and, now, growing personally through a Personal Development syndication group I started.

I’ve also met some amazingly passionate and on purpose people through these groups. It’s amazing because everyone’s there to help everyone else – so you’re sure to make some quality friends!

Watch the video below to learn more about Syndication Groups.

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