Have you ever attempted to do something in your life and it didn’t work out? So you moved on to the next one and that one didn’t work out? Maybe it’s a business that you’re attempting and you’re in search of that business that’s going to allow you to succeed financially? Or maybe it’s a relationship? Maybe you’re going from person to person trying to find the partner of your dreams?

In this post I'm going to share with you how to master anything in your life. That could either be mastering business and financial success, maybe it’s mastering a relationship or anything else you want to succeed in.

But first, let me tell you a story…

A few years ago when I was in high school, I got into graphic design. It really became one of my passions and I had the dream of starting a business doing that. I ended up getting better at graphic design and learned how to use photoshop, but then quickly got disinterested in it because I wasn’t making anything significant from it. I then took up website design and it went down the same path; it got boring because I couldn’t make it take off apart from the two jobs I got. Because I couldn’t see any success in web design, I moved on to the next thing.

Around that time I started playing guitar and because I loved music I wanted to get into a band. I started two bands and they didn’t work out, so I quickly got disinterested in bands. Then I discovered dance music and I got into DJ’ing. My dream was now to become a superstar DJ travelling the world and playing at festivals. That dream died out quickly too. I then started this business because I wanted to create great financial results. Because I didn’t want the same thing to happen, I went on a path of personal development to discover how I can actually create success so I’m not constantly going from one thing to the next trying to find what’s going to make me lucky or what’s going to create that success for me. And this is what I want to share with you today.

3 Types Of People

There are 3 types of people in life and I want to explain to you how the way they operate creates their lives and their results.

The 3 types of people are:
1. The Dabbler
2. The Stressor
3. The Master

The Dabbler

The Dabbler is that person who wants to achieve success in business (using business for this example, but is applicable to any area of life). When The Dabbler starts his first business, he has some usable knowledge which gives him a great start and everything is exciting because he sees progress. But then he hits a plateau in his business, progress slows down and things are no longer exciting. So The Dabbler quits and moves on to the next thing.

The Dabbler then goes into his second business and the same pattern plays out. Using the same knowledge he has on setting up a business, things are exciting and he sees progress. But after some time he hits the same plateau as his first business. Because progress has slowed down (or stopped), The Dabbler quits and moves on to his third business hoping he’ll have “more luck” in that one.

What do you think happens in his third business? Yep, exactly the same thing! You see, The Dabbler never gets ahead in life because he’s only ever dabbling in businesses and never creates the success he’s after.

The Stressor

Using the same example, The Stressor starts his first business. At the beginning, he implements the knowledge he has and the business starts to take off. Things are exciting and he starts building a customer base, but after a while he hits a plateau in his business. The Stressor doesn’t know what’s going on so he starts stressing out and making thousands of decision to try and fix the problem. He eventually makes one great decision that start growing the business again. But what do you think happens to The Stressor’s business after some time? Yep, it hits a plateau and the same thing happen all over again. The Stressor starts stressing out, making thousands of decisions and in the midst of his stress he makes one great decision which starts to move the business forward again.

For The Stressor, this pattern plays out over and over again. But you know what? The stressor is never fulfilled because he’s often stressed out to the max.

The Master

When The Master starts his business, he too has some knowledge he can implement straight away. So he gets into action and his business starts to take off. He then hits a plateau but, instead of going after the next shiny thing or stressing out, he knows that to get through a plateau and continue succeeding he must seek out new knowledge and wisdom, which he can implement into his business.

Some of the knowledge The Master might look for includes working on his personal development and learning about finances, wealth, business relationships and new business strategies. The knowledge he seeks out might be in the form of books, audio programs, seminars or a business coach.

While The Master is actively seeking out new knowledge, his business might continue to take a dip. However, once he starts implementing what he’s learned, his business will get back on a growth curve and start succeeding again. After a while, the business will plateau again but he knows that to continue succeeding he must seek out new knowledge, which will help him take his business to the next level. And for The Master, continually growing a business is not the result of quitting and trying to find a “better business” or making a tonne of decisions out of stress; rather a result of his personal growth, as his business also grows.

Now, who do you think is going to be more fulfilled in the long term – The Dabber, The Stressor or The Master? The Master of course! Because he’s going to continue succeeding his whole life and it’s going to be an enjoyable journey!

What About Relationships?

The example I’ve given above are to do with business, but this also applies to any area of your life. Let’s take a look at relationships.

The Dabbler in Relationships

The Dabbler is that person who continually goes from relationship to relationship trying to find his or her “soul mate”, yet they never find them. When The Dabbler reaches a plateau in a relationship, or runs into challenges, they’ll more on to the next relationship.

The Stressor in Relationships

The Stressor will be in a relationship and when challenges arise, instead of leaving, they’ll just stress out about their situation. This will make it hell both for The Stressor and their partner, because he or she will always be stressed out.

The Master in Relationships

The Master knows that in a relationship it will be exciting at the beginning, as they all are. However, once he hits that plateau, or runs into challenges, he’s going to seek out new knowledge, like relationship counselling or a relationship book, which will help him take his relationship to the next level. For The Master, his relationship is fulfilling in the long term because he’s actively looking for ways to improve it and overcome any challenges.

If you’re in a relationship, wouldn’t you want to be The Master? Would you want a relationship that keeps getting stronger and stronger? Wouldn’t you want your relationship to be a great example for your kids, friends and the world?

Which One Are You?

If you’re either The Dabbler or The Stressor right now, don’t beat yourself up for it. You see, I’ve been all three at one point or another in my life, but understanding this concept has allowed me to make the shift to mastering anything I want – and it can do the same for you!

So which one have you been up until today: The Dabbler, The Stressor or The Master? And which one will you be from today onwards?

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