Hey, what’s up!? In this post, I'm going to share with you how to overcome procrastination so you can get great results in life (and business!)

Is there something in your life that you keep putting off and off and off? Maybe it’s a specific action in your business or maybe it’s just cleaning your house? Maybe you finish your job, get home at 5 or 6pm and instead of cleaning the house you watch some TV, you just chill, and your house keeps getting messier and messier?

Ok, so let’s talk about what procrastination is…

The truth is that procrastination DOES NOT exist! There just isn’t such a thing as procrastination. When there’s something in your like that you keep putting off and off, it’s not that you’re procrastinating; the truth is that you have your priorities in the wrong order.

What do I mean by priorities? Well, let me ask you a question. If I said to you “meet me downtown tomorrow at 3am and I’m going to give you $1 million”, what do you think you’ll do? Are you going to get up at 7am or 11am? Are you going to take the morning easy? Or are you going to get up bright and early, maybe at 1am, so you can be ready by 2am and be at the place we’re going to meet at least 30 minutes before 3am so you can get your $1 million? Chances are you’re going to be the second person, the one who’s going to be there early to claim your money!

So why would you be that person? The reason you’re going to be there early to get your $1 million is because you’ve put that million dollars at the very top of your priorities list. And this is exactly the way things work when you keep putting things off all the time. It’s really that you’re not putting that specific action, or whatever you need to do, at the top of your priorities.

This is something I had to work through in my own life. I remember when I started my online business, which is this business, back in mid-2011. I came from an employee background, I was working for my dad, and some weeks I didn’t have to do any work and I’d still get paid by the end of the week. Now, coming for that mindset and going into business for myself where I had to create my own results, I had to work a lot on myself. At the beginning I used to finish my job, come home and instead of working on my business I used to watch TV shows, specifically How I Met Your Mother and South Park (my two favourite shows back then), and they did nothing whatsoever for me – they added no value and they didn’t change my life in any positive way – but I still watched them because they were entertaining. I remember at the end of the night I would be kicking myself because I didn’t do anything in my business. My business was something I had started to create the life of my dreams but I was putting it at the very bottom of my priorities and television was at the very top.

So the question for you is…

Is there something in your life that you really want to do that’s going to make a huge difference to your life? Maybe it’s something that 5 years from now will allow you to be living an amazing life? Maybe it’s a specific action? Maybe it’s picking up the phone and speaking to a prospect? Maybe it’s sending an email to a specific person? Maybe it’s saying sorry to someone in your life to mend a relationship?

Do you keep putting something off? Do you keep putting it at the very bottom of your priorities list? Because if it’s really something that’s going to make a massive difference to your life, in a positive way, then you’ve got to start putting it at the very top of your priorities and start taking action towards that. The only way you’re going to start getting better results in your life is by taking action on those important things because they’re at the top of your priorities list.

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