Want to learn how to structure content on video that works and helps you rake in leads like a PRO?

In this post I'm going to share with you what to do and what not to do when making videos, and my 4-step formula guaranteed to get you leads for your business.

But first, there's something SUPER IMPORTANT you need to know…

Did you know that video is TAKING OVER the internet?

Well, it totally is!

In fact, it's got to a point where there's more people searching for video content than written content. What do you think that says about video?

It works!

So is video marketing optional these days?

I guess it could be.

But the reality is that if you want to build a successful, long term business on the internet (especially on social media), then video is a MUST.

Here's why…

Reason # 1 – Video is the closest thing on the internet to personal interaction.

There's nothing else like video that's going to help you get people to know, like and trust you faster than video… because when someone's watching one of your videos, they FEEL like they know you.

Learning to structure content on video, making them and getting them out there gives you the ability to add value and build relationships WAY FASTER than written blog posts or Facebook statuses.

Reason # 2 – Video will make you stand out from your competitors.

Yes, video is HUGE on the internet now. But did you know there's a high chance that non (or hardly any) of your competitors are doing them?

If you learn how to structure content on video, and create videos that add massive value and helps people solve their problems upfront, guess who your target audience is going to ask for help?

I'll let you answer that one 😉

A question I get asked often from my marketing students is…

“When making videos, should I read from a script or speak off the cuff?”

My answer to this question is always… neither!

Here's why…

Reading from a script

When you create videos using a script, you won't have any flow – you'll sound robotic and of low energy.

You also won't have a great connection with your audience, as you'll mostly be looking at a piece of paper (or device) away from the camera (see my example in the video below).

Speaking off the cuff

When you make videos and you speak off the cuff, it's very easy to go off topic and 20-30 minutes later you find yourself speaking about something that doesn't relate.

Also, when you speak off the cuff, it's very easy for a video to end up 20 minutes or longer…

And if it's that long, not many people are going to watch it because 20 minutes is generally WAY too long for anyone to watch on the internet.

So what should you do instead?


In the video below, I share my proven 4-step formula on how to structure content on video, so you can start making videos like its second nature.

Towards the end, I'll also share exactly what you need to say in your videos so you can rake in leads like a PRO.

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