Are you finding it a challenge to recruit more reps into your network marketing business? Want to know the biggest MLM recruiting tip to create a huge shift in your business and start making a profit FAST?

In this post and video, I’m going to share with you how the role you play will determine if you recruit more reps into your organisation, or you don’t.

But first, let me ask you a question.

In fact, if you got that feeling it’s highly likely that you were right – that somewhere in the mind of the other person, all they really wanted was to recruit you and make a sale.

How would you feel if you got the vibe from someone you were speaking with that all they wanted to do was to just recruit you? It wouldn’t feel very nice would it?

Now, you might be saying to yourself: “Yes, but what’s wrong with that?”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s also nothing wrong with not making ANY money in your business 😉

If you’re serious about creating network marketing success, let me share with you why this is an ineffective strategy.

All people at various stages of life and business take on a type of “role”. Kind of like the role an actor plays in a movie, but in real life. In Network Marketing, the role could be: Network Marketer, Online Marketer, Recruiter or Sales Person.

When you take on a role like this, it actually works against you because your mind will then be constantly thinking “Recruit people! Sign this person up! Make this sale!” and you’ll become very attached to that outcome.

If a “Recruiter” came up to you and said: “Hey, can I recruit you?” Would you say yes? It won’t happen, will it? And yet, this is the kind of vibe that’s put across from a person that takes on the role of “Recruiter”, without them actually saying they want to recruit you.

So, tip #1 is to give up the role of a Recruiter or Network Marketer. Tip #2 is to replace it with the role of a Teacher & Problem Solver.

Let’s go deeper.

The Role Of A Teacher

People actually love to be educated, entertained and informed (or receive value). Why do you think television works so well? Because it does all 3!

When you take on the role of a teacher and you start providing value to the person you’re speaking with, or to your audience, their barriers will come down and they’ll be more receptive to what you have to offer.

The Role Of A Problem Solver

If you start teaching people random stuff, just anything and everything, people won’t care – they’ll find the information useless. What people want most is to learn how to solve their problems.

So instead of pitching everyone you meet, start solving their problems by teaching them how to make more money, how to lose weight, how to save on travel, how to create a healthy meal plan, etc. Of course, what you teach depends on your target market and what products and services your company sells. But the point is to be a problem solver upfront.

One easy way of doing this on social media is to do Facebook Lives teaching people tips and tricks that solve their problems.

When you do a Facebook Live, deliver the content that will solve your audience’s problems, and then at the end of the video ask viewers that if they want to learn how to make a full-time income from home working part time hours (as an example), to reach out to you to start a conversation.

Remember, if your mindset is just “I need to recruit, I need to recruit ”, you’re not going to recruit. That’s the harsh truth. But once you start seeing yourself as a Teacher & Problem Solver, and you build your business from that standpoint, you’ll start recruiting more reps than you could imagine, and finally make the income you were promised!

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