I believe the next most important key to winning in life is having the understanding and courage to exit out of the Conversation of Average. Now, that’s a statement that will need some super clear clarification so that you can easily implement and ultimately win at life.

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So what do I mean by conversation? And how can changing your conversation change your life? Let me explain…

The Conversation of Average

The quality of a person’s life is the quality of their communication. This communication is either internally (the words you think to yourself) and externally (the words you say out loud to yourself and others). Every thought you have, or word you say, creates a feeling within you which empowers you to take action or disempowers and immobilises you. See the following diagram:

Think —> Feel —> Behave

This formula is your way to creating what you want in your life – it’s one step to exiting the Conversation of Average.

If a person who attempted to build a business said to themselves “I was in that business once and failed. Never again.” do you think they’ll feel empowered or disempowered to go into business again? Disempowered of course! They’ll feel like a failure and may believe that business doesn’t work for them. This is the Conversation of Average.

Now, what do you think would happen if this same person changed their conversation to “I went broke but it was my own fault. I’m going to try again and this time be guided by a mentor”? They’d feel empowered about going into business for themselves of course! This is the Conversation of Success because it allows a person to head in the direction of their dreams.

You see, what you think and say to yourself determines how you feel, which will determine what actions you take. And the average person will, of course, live in the Conversation of Average.

See the following table to start making changes in your conversation today:

 Conversation of Average Conversation of Success
 I can't do it I can do it and I will achieve it
 It's impossible Anything is possible
 It's not my fault I'm totally responsible
 I have a problemI have an opportunity
 Life's a struggle Life's an adventure
I hopeI know
 I'm never satisfiedI want to learn and grow
 I'm brokeI'm as rich as I choose to be
 I'll get to it some dayI'll start today

How can you start applying the information on this table? Let me get you started. If you're going for a job interview, your conversation can be:

I hope I get the job
I know I'll get the job

Can you see which one is the Conversation of Average and which one is the Conversation of Success?

“Taking action is not hard. Yes, you have to learn a few thing first. But if you go into it feeling helpless, you won't take the actions required to make it happen.” – Shane Krider (one of my mentors)

Luck vs Reality

I’ve heard people say to me, because of the success I’ve created, “you’re just lucky” or “God’s hand is on your life.”

When people tell me this, the truth I hear behind those statements are: “I can’t achieve what you have because I’m not lucky” or “Until God’s hand is on my life, I won’t be able to achieve what I want.”

Firstly, you may notice that both those statements are Conversations of Average. Second, successful people are not lucky in the magical of divine type way. Successful people, in reality, just have an absolute belief in themselves that they can achieve more and out of that belief they’re able to make plans and take action to achieve it.

I personally believe there is a greater force that allows us to create what we want – we are co-creators with God. However, whether you believe His hand is on your life or not, what matters most is that you believe with certainty that you can achieve whatever you want in life and take the required action. Yes, with God you can create with least effort, but don’t use the excuse that you haven’t created the life you want because God’s hand is not on your life.

So how do you create success? Change your conversation to: “I am the absolute supreme authority over my own life. I am, always will be, and always have been at cause of how I experience my life.”

“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

What The Statistics Tell You

In my business I speak to people every day who are looking for a way to make their lives better and make a great income. But a lot of people have become suckers for the statistics, which ultimately holds them back from creating the life they want.

Did you know that 40% of businesses fail in the first year? And those that survive the first year, 80% fail within 5 years? It’s a crazy statistic – yet very real! The same thing applies to online businesses and a lot of people won’t get started in an opportunity because they know the statistics, which induces fear into them. Maybe they know of a few people who tried one of “those things” and it didn’t work for them, making the statistics more real to them.

But you know what’s more real? The statistics behind the statistics! And you know what those statistics are? Let me share them with you…

Most people that fail in business do so because they go into it with the same level of thinking that got them to where they are – broke and unhappy. If they truly want to create greater success in their life, they must upgrade their level of thinking. In my personal organisation, I’ve seen some people come and go. These are the people who are excited at the beginning but once they get a little into it they start engaging in the Conversation of Average, and even though there is training provided to help them change to a Conversation of Success, they don’t engage in it. These are the people that quit and later say “the business didn’t work for me”, when it reality they didn’t make the required internal changes to make themselves work for the business. Then the people who are having success in my organisation, they understand that they need to continually develop, apply themselves to their business and actively engage in the Conversation of Success.

Here’s another statistic. Did you know that 80% of people that join a gym in January quit within 5 months? But here’s the statistic behind the statistic: most people that quit the gym is because they haven’t developed the mental strength to continue setting new goals and achieving them. People who don’t set goals quit too soon, they start engaging in the Conversation of Average, they don’t understand persistence, and they never create the results they want.

So next time you’re looking at creating something in your life, don’t buy into the statistics. Instead, look at the statistics behind the statistics – like this one:

Only 1% of the world create true financial independence. They don’t do it because they had a stroke of luck of because God handed it to them. They committed themselves to growing, developing themselves, upgrading their level of thinking, getting clear on exactly what they want, having the right strategy, having a successful mentor, and taking MASSIVE ACTION. The real statistics say that anyone can be the 1% – you just have to decide that you’re going to be one of them.

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