Have you ever wondered why you're living the life you're currently living? Maybe someone in the heavens gave you a second class ticket and said “Here, this is the life I'm giving you on earth”? Or maybe there's more to life than a predesignated destiny?

In this post I want to share how your life has not happened by chance and how you can create the life of your dreams by harnessing this secret power.

“It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

– Tony Robbins

When I first got on the path of personal development in 2011, I quickly started to learn that it's the decisions one makes that are the cause of their life. Up until then I had never understood the concept of making decisions to change one's life. My only understanding before then was that decisions were how I chose the clothes I wear, the food I eat, the movies I watch and so on.

Getting a new perspective on decisions made me realise that, yes, in fact my life is the result of all the decisions I've made. In 2011, I was living with my parents at age 26 and I hated it, I was working a job I didn't enjoy, I was in $50,000+ debt, and all I looked forward to was hanging out with my friends and partying on the weekends

What I ended up learning was that all the decisions I had previously made got me to a place where I felt stuck and going nowhere. I'd made the decisions of getting into debt, buying a new car I couldn't afford, staying in a job I didn't enjoy, not deciding to move out of my parents' home, and choosing friends that would influence me to take a destructive path. I realised that if I had made different decisions, I would be in a different place.

When I'd had enough of the lifestyle I was living and realised that I wanted so much more in life, I started making some drastic decisions. Firstly, I started focusing heavily on my personal development, I sold my new car to start a business, I let go of friends that were influencing me negatively and I got to work on creating the life of my dreams.

I'm happy to say that today, 4 years later, I'm married to my beautiful wife Dacia and we have a gorgeous little girl, Ivanka. We've travelled the world as a family, made some amazing money in our online business and today I get to be a stay-at-home dad. I know for a fact that if I hadn't started to make new decisions, I'd still be living the same unfulfilling lifestyle I was living 4 years ago.

So how can you change your current situation? Start making new decisions!

One of my favourite quotes by Albert Einstein is: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Isn't that what most people do? They get up every morning, go to a job they don't like to make less money than they're worth so they can pay bills that accumulate to more than their weekly pay check and still hope that their wages are going to increase some day? I mean, come on, the writing is on the wall! You can keep making the same decisions you're making now and in 5-10 years time still be in the exact same position or you can start making new decisions today and in 5-10 years time be living the life of your dreams. Which route do you prefer?

Also, making decisions doesn't just apply to finances either. It applies to any area of your life where you want a change. Have you got a desire to lose weight? Then start making new decisions in respect to your diet and fitness! Do you want to find the lover of your dreams? Then start focusing on your personal development; because when you become the person you're looking for, you'll attract the perfect person into your life.

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