In this post I'm going to share with you what your business ACTUALLY is. If you get this right, you’ll be able to generate more leads, make more sales and get more money in your online business.

What Is Not Your Business

In my last article on How To Generate Leads Using Attraction Marketing, I spoke about how on a daily basis random people add me on Facebook and they send me private messages pitching their business, company, products and how much money I can make in their opportunity. Often, I’ll go to these people’s profiles and their whole profile is stamped with things about their company. For example, their cover photo will be stamped with their company’s logo, sometimes their profile pictures will also be their company’s logo and their timeline will also be full of products they’re selling. And you know what? That’s a put off to me because I don’t connect with companies, company logos or products. End of the day, people connect with people, not with a company logo.

What IS ACTUALLY Your Business

Your business is YOU.

Your business isn’t anything else. It’s not the company you partner with or the products you sell. Your business is YOU.

You see, people want to know YOUR story. People want to know what YOU stand for. They want to know why YOU do what you do. People want to know YOUR vision, or where you’re going, and if it’s exciting where you’re going, people are going to want to join you. Did you get that? They’re going to want to join YOU, not the company you partner with.

Your business is YOU and this is why it's important to learn to brand yourself because, let’s be honest, in the online business industry (especially in Network Marketing) a lot of companies come and go and, if you’re just promoting a specific company and they happen to disappear, then you'll have to start from scratch again. But if you brand and market yourself, then no matter what happens, you’re still going to have a following because people are going to be following YOU and what YOU have to offer.

What Should You NOT Do

So now let me share with you what you should NOT do in the internet marketing world.

NEVER EVER, EVER pitch your company, products or opportunity because this is the fastest way for you to go broke.

What Should You Do Instead?

As I mentioned already, you should brand yourself because your business is about YOU. And I don’t mean the superficial part of branding, like colour schemes, logos, taglines, etc. To learn more about the branding I speak of, read my article on the Top 5 Tips for Branding Yourself and Your Business.

Second, you must be able to add value to people’s lives. What I mean by this is for you to give your target audience the solution to the problems and challenges they have – similar to why you’re reading this article now. For me, one of my target audiences is online business owners because I know a lot of them are struggling, so my goal is to provide as much value as possible so they CAN make money online.

So how can you add value? If you’re in the weight-loss industry, instead of promoting your company and products, you can promote blog posts on how a person can lose a specific amount of weight within the next two weeks. If you’re in fitness, you can create an eCourse on how someone can get super super fit within the next two weeks. There's literately hundreds and even thousand of ways you can add value to your target audience!

Often people say to me that they don't know how to create valuable content if they start blogging or vlogging. Here's the thing: if you're constantly learning (which you should be), then you can turn what you learn into content and this way you'll have a lifetime's worth of content! Personally, I'm always reading new Personal Development content which I share on this blog, and I'm also a big learner of Internet Marketing strategies.

I hope you’re getting that the point to all this is to add massive value, because as you add value people are going to see that YOU have the solution to their problem and they’re going to come to YOU asking YOU what it is that YOU have to offer so that they can solve their problem on a bigger level.

Did you get value? Is so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

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