Before I knew how to run a business, I made a decision that I wanted to be successful – and I don’t just mean financially. Yes, I wanted financial freedom but more importantly I wanted a wife, a family, to travel the world and experience the great things in life that takes money to do.

I’m so happy to say that my “Future Self” I envisioned 4 years ago, I am today. But… it hasn’t been easy! It’s taken a lot of work on my part – work on myself and work on my business.

Today, as I was reflecting back on my life, I asked myself: “Why is it that two people may want the same thing (maybe it’s starting the same business, maybe it’s using the same weight-loss program), and one will succeed but the other won’t?”

Being in a business where I personally help others to create success, this has been the perfect place to see what plays out in individuals that don’t know each other but are on the same path.

Successful vs Unsuccessful

The people that succeed are really no different from the people that don’t succeed. Before they start their venture, both are human-beings with the capacity to think, make decisions, act and both have the same circumstances. Often, the ones that succeed are in worse circumstances than those who don’t succeed.

From my personal experience and what I’ve seen in others, the people that become successful have a few traits they develop, which the unsuccessful don't. And take note that I said “develop” because both might not have had them in the beginning.

Successful traits include:

1. The have a burning desire to create success
2. They know exactly what they want – they have clear defined goals
3. They know why they want it – and their reason isn’t just money
4. They accept that to succeed they need to change the way they think
5. They’re humble enough to accept that they have a lot to learn and they commit themselves to learning whatever it is they need to know to get the results
6. They have a mentor to whom they ask a lot of questions to fast track their results
7. They commit themselves to constantly getting out of their comfort zone and repeatedly do those things that don’t feel easy until they become second nature
8. This is a HUGE one: They don’t give in to the lie that they can’t become successful because of their current circumstances or because of other people
9. They do whatever it takes to become successful
10. They’re consistent – they don’t stop start
11. They start a program or get a coach/mentor and they trust the process from start to end

Unsuccessful traits include:

1. They don’t have much desire or urgency for creating success
2. They have impotent goals (or wants), therefore they’re not driven
3. They might know what they want ($1 million) but they don’t know what they want it for (their WHY)
4. They believe that doing the technical work without making a change in themselves will bring about the results
5. The expect someone else to do the work for them – they don’t take responsibility
6. They don’t ask their mentor for feedback (or ask questions) and then get frustrated when things aren’t working out
7. They mostly do the things that feel comfortable and therefore don’t see any new results
8. They believe that if they didn’t have their current circumstances they could be successful
9. They buy into the lies of other people of why they can’t be successful (Eg. “You don’t even know anything about business… how could you ever be successful?”)
10. They only do small bits of work at a time – nothing significant or consistent enough that will move them forward in leaps and bounds
11. They start a program or get a coach/mentor and soon enough they start having doubts until they quit, start another program, and the same thing happens all over again

I’ve seen (and experienced) that it’s all about making consistent, simple mindset shift that in the end make all the difference. If you believe you’ll be successful overnight – forget even trying. You must be committed to learning, growing and applying over the long-term and soon enough you’ll be seeing life from a whole new perspective. And when you see how your old thinking was holding you back, that’s when the results will start showing up.

Which one successful trait can you start applying today and how?

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.”
– Proverbs 4:23

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