Alex Ford here! Today I want to talk about the people you surround yourself with and how those people make a huge impact to whether you have success in your life or whether you don’t have success in your life.

Day 4 of my 31 day video challenge on Why Your Circle Of Influence Greatly Impacts Your Success…

When you were younger, do you remember your parents saying to you: “Be careful son, or be careful daughter, of the people you hang around with because those people you hang around with, that’s who you’re going to become.” I remember my parents telling me that, and I was like “Nah mum, that’s never going to happen!” But when you get a little bit older and a little bit wiser you realize that mum and dad had a point! Today, this is what I want to talk about and the inner workings of that.

But first I want to let you know of another experience I had a few years ago. Back in 2011 I got into Personal Development and I started learning that I could achieve anything in my life. I picked up the book “Think & Grow Rich” because I wanted to create financial success; and my when friends noticed this they started making fun of me for the journey I was on.

I remember one particular friend, she said to me: “You can’t get rich from reading a book.” What she said was true; you can’t get rich from just reading a book, but if you apply the principles in a book like “Think & Grow Rich” into your life then you’re eventually going to get there. So anyways, I got to a point where I had to make a decision and I thought to myself “Do I stay where I’m at? Do I continue the same way I’m going and ten years time from now I’ll still be in the same place? Or do I move on from this? Should I find more empowering friends that are going to believe in me and support me? And if I do move on from here, in ten years time I’ll most likely be living an extraordinary life?”

Of course, I went with the second decision; I moved on with my life, found those friends that supported and believed in me, and I got a mentor that helped me with my business. I’m glad to say that today, four years later, I found my wife, Dacia, and we’ve got a beautiful little daughter, Ivanka. These were two things that I wanted so much in my life! And I’ve also got an amazing business online, which is my blog and I’m adding value to people’s lives around the world (hence you reading this). If I didn’t make this decision and I stayed the way I was back then, I’d still be partying today, I’d probably be drunk right now or hung over and I certainly wouldn’t be living such a fulfilling life!

Now, the reason I tell you all this is because there are going to be two types of people in your life. 1) There’s either going to be the people that are going to be really supportive, that are going to believe in you, that believe anything’s possible and that the sky is the limit or 2) You’re going to have people that are not going to believe in you, that are going to disempowered you and that are going to hold you back from going after your dreams.

Now, people type #2 aren’t necessarily going to make fun of you; they might out of their own heart, because they care, say things to you like: “Becoming a millionaire… not many people get to that level. You’ve got a safe secure job; maybe you should stay there. I don’t think succeeding in business is for you. A lot of businesses fail in business. You’ve got a good job, it’s secure and you might even be promoted to be a manager…”

People are going to say things like these to you and it can easily kill your dreams. You’re going to feel like “Wow, maybe I can’t go after my dreams.” You’re going to question yourself “Maybe it’s not possible? Maybe what my friend told me that ‘rich people are just lucky’ is true… and I don’t have any luck.”

But on the other hand, if you go to someone that believes in you, they‘re going to say things like “You know what, I believe in you. I believe you can become a millionaire. I believe you can succeed in business. It’s possible! There are so many people that succeed every single year… and, yes, it’s a small minority that succeed, but that’s because they never gave up, because they believed in their dream and they persevered.”

And to YOU, my friend reading this post, I believe YOU CAN create the life of your dreams! If I’ve done it, you can too! You’ve just got to get yourself around the right people that are going to support you along your journey.

So what I want you to take away is to go and thinking about this… Ask yourself these questions: “Are the people I’m surrounding myself with supporting me in achieving my goals and dreams? Or are they holding me back by not supporting and believing in me?” Asking yourself these questions is going to allow you to make the right decision as to whom you want to surround yourself with.

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