My Story Of Transformation

Here’s how I, a frustrated & underpaid office worker, went from $50K+ debt to building my dream business & traveling the world with my family (and how you can do the same!)

You won’t believe how simple this is…

Alex Ford
Hi, my name is Alex Ford here and I live in the beautiful Perth, Australia.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was living an unfulfilling life…

I was more broke than a homeless person on the street (in $50K+ debt), and I was working a frustrating job where I would often argue with my boss. 😩

I also felt like I was only working to pay an ever-expanding amount of debt off and my life was exactly the same routine week in, week out.

Isn’t that an all too familiar story?

How many people do you know who are either:

• Broke, unhappy, and unfulfilled
• Living paycheck to paycheck
• Buried under soul-crushing debt
• Feel like they’re working to build someone else’s dreams
• Can’t enjoy life because they feel restricted

Well, that was exactly my life at the time!

I remember one Monday morning I was sitting at my desk and beating myself up because again I had spent more money on the weekend than my last paycheck was worth, getting the extra money out of my credit card…

And here I was at work starting my weekly routine all over again. 😰

I’d had enough…and I remember crying out:

“Please God, I want out of this. Show me the way out!”

A few weeks later, and almost as if my prayer (more like a cry for help) had been answered…

I found myself talking on the phone to a lovely, successful lady called Lee Anne who explained a proven online blueprint that thousands of people were using to get unstuck and create the life of their dreams.

At first, I was a little skeptical…

But after seeing how well this blueprint worked for Lee Anne, a working mother of two, who went from being overworked, underpaid and in a ton of debt, to making more per month than what she used to make in a year and traveling the world with her family…I knew it was for me!

Plus, it seemed to tick every box:

✔️ It was a way to fire my boss for good
✔️ It would allow me to travel the world with no restrictions
✔️ It was something I would love doing
✔️ It was 100% flexible, so I could spend time doing the things I love
✔️ I wouldn’t have to leave home for work ever again

What she showed me really opened my eyes to what was possible…

There WAS a better way! 💥

Fast forward to today… I’m no longer chained to an office desk, I’m totally debt free, and I’m finally able to travel the world with my family and take our business with us.

If you've had enough of slaving away just to build someone else’s dreams, and you want to get YOUR life back…

I want to share with you a short video where you're going to learn:

▶ How To Personally Work With Me & My Team To Launch An Online Business Together

▶ How To Make More Money With Digital Marketing Part-Time Than Your Full-Time Job

▶ How To Build a Recession Proof Business That Thrives No Matter What The Economy Does

▶ How To Work From Anywhere, Be Your Own Boss and Create Your Own Schedule – Starting Today!

And that’s not all…

You're also going to see how you can get access to a 15-Day Online Business Challenge, where you'll learn the simple methods we're using for making money online.

Can't wait to hear how well it works for you too!

All the best,

alex ford home business

Alex Ford
Home Business Trainer
Email: [email protected]
Have Questions? – Ask me on Facebook

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  1. Aussie Mummy

    Hi Alex,
    Great Story! And congratulations! It really sounds like you made some huge changes to change your life!

    • Alex Ford

      Thanks Aussie Mummy! Glad you enjoyed my story 🙂 I sure have and it's been an incredible journey!

  2. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Wow Alex,

    Every time I read about a success story online, I feel re-inspired to go out there and help more people grow, to show them how to change their lives today, its mind boggling how a mind change can change your whole life. I am sure there were moments you had doubts, when things didn't go as sweet and when you could have thrown in the towel, but heck NO YOU DIDN'T! Bravo and keep on sharing the value you do.

    A lot of people simply don't take that chance and never know what could have been possible, the possibilities I know are endless, if we but believe! The LOA does work…

    • Alex Ford

      Glad my story inspired you Julie! And your comment made me chuckle because YES, there were TONS of moments where I almost threw in the towel haha. But it's at those moments where you realise how bad you want something and if you really do love what you do then you keep going no matter what to make it happen.

      I agree with you that a lot of people don't take chances… but that's fine because it leaves more opportunity for those who do 🙂

      Thanks for your awesome comment Julie! Love it 🙂

  3. steve krivda

    Boom, I loved that video Alex. Excited for you bro

    • Alex Ford

      Cheers Steve 🙂

  4. Diane

    hey Alex, what a lovely story (and that littly cuttie in the video). So great to hear that others are able to make a success of their online business as it just opens up so many doors for one.

    • Alex Ford

      Thank you Diane… we're so blessed to have her! And yes, it's SO SO POSSIBLE for anyone 🙂

  5. Jeff McGeary

    Hey Alex, this is a GREAT story. 50k in debt to home business freedom. Just awesome! You never know who can impact someones life, go Lee Anne!

    • Alex Ford

      Absolutely Jeff! And Lee Anne has heard from me like a million times how grateful I am to her for introducing me to this opportunity. And I love that I can do the same for others now too!

  6. Carol Makowski

    Love your story Alex — very inspirational. From $50k in debt to living the life of your dreams. Wow! Good on you!

    • Alex Ford

      Thanks Carol! Anything is possible 🙂

  7. Karishma

    Great story. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Alex Ford

      Thank you Karishma 🙂 Glad you were inspired!

  8. Gomer Magtibay

    Congratulations! You were able to ascend to that level most people just dream of.

    • Alex Ford

      Thanks Gomer! It's funny how most people only dream of it. But it's possible if they only decide to create a better life 🙂

  9. Asif Lijaz

    Great brother… I really respect you.. Really love your story.. and i really really wishing to become a successful person like you.I will.. definitely if god wish.You said right money give us the choices..

    • Alex Ford

      Hi Asif, so happy that my story has inspired you 🙂 Just keep holding onto your vision and keep learning from successful people (books, audios, seminars, mentors) and you will get there in due time! And let me tell you… God does want you to be successful. He's created an abundant universe and, as his child, prosperity is your inheritance from him.
      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog, Asif 🙂

  10. David Fox

    Hey Alex, AWESOME JOB MAN! THE SITE LOOKS GREAT! Using Divi myself, and i gotta tell you it's amazing what you did!

    Your story is Really powerful man, keep up the great work!

    Tons of value here bro!

    Very Inspirational!

    David Fox

    • Alex Ford

      Hey David, really appreciate the AWESOME words 🙂

      Yep, we've certainly been through so much! But it all served a purpose, and I'm excited to help others create their own success now 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  11. Annie

    looking forward to meeting you Alex on Saturday…love your blog and site

    • Alex Ford

      Hey Annie, thank you 🙂 I won't be attending Kickstart on Saturday as I have an important family event to attend this weekend. Would love to have come! But I'll definitely be going to the next one. Have fun 🙂

  12. Oscar

    Great testimony Alex, and you are doing great mate. Videos are knowledgable. Very resourceful web site indeed Alex. I am aiming something but i havent take the plunge yet and your story is awesome. Good on ya.

    • Alex Ford

      Hey Oscar, thanks for your comment. I'm glad that my story has inspired you!

      And that's awesome that you have dreams as well. Just take massive action and stay committed until they become a reality. YOU GOT THIS!


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