Review updated: June 1st, 2022

So you want to know in this Prosperity of Life Review if its legit? And if it can help you achieve the financial and time freedom they promise?

From my 7 years experience with the company, yes it can.

But…there’s a lot they don’t tell you about. And it’s not as easy as they make it seem.

In this review, I'm going to be brutally honest and breakdown Prosperity Of Life…

I'll reveal what I discovered during my 7 years as a distributor and customer – including the good, the bad, and…yes…the ugly.

This entire review is a must read before you make any decision to join.

But first…

I’m Not With Prosperity Of Life Anymore…

After 7 years in the company, and experiencing some stress and anxiety because of it, I left Prosperity of Life in 2018 and moved to a new company.

I’ll share that story by the end of this review so you know what pitfalls to avoid.

For now, know that Prosperity of Life has not paid me to write this. So I’ll be trying to maintain a balanced and unbiased perspective.

I'll also share some ex-member testimonials throughout so you can know both sides of the story.

Who Am I (Alex Ford)?

You might be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me…

I was a Prosperity of Life distributor from 2011 to 2018, an M8 Director, and a Rising Star Award winner. I've attended many of the events, spoken on stage, hosted training calls, and made some incredible 5-figure months, and even days.

I also went on cruise ships (pre-COVID times) and traveled the world with the owners, Shane & Rachel Krider and Greg Strom, and many members in the community.

But leading up to Prosperity of Life, I was in the same boat you’re probably on right now…

It was 2011, and I was a frustrated and underpaid office worker, drowning in $50,000 debt. I was working a dead-end job, and I felt like I was working only to pay off an ever-expanding amount of debt.

When I'd have enough of living the same routine week in and week out, Prosperity of Life kinda just fell into my laps.

I wasn’t specifically looking for an online business. In fact, I didn’t even know you could make money online, let alone know what network marketing is.

But after watching their presentation, I loved the idea of being able to work from home, and hopefully make $20,000 per month within a couple of months.

So without doing any research (though I should have), I joined and bought in.

The $20K in a month didn’t happen in the first couple of months, like the presentation made me think it would. It didn’t happen until much later.

Though, as a result of this company and the industry, I quit my last ever job within 2 years. I also found the woman of my dreams, we had two beautiful children, and we both became stay-at-home parents.

The greatest gift being that we’ve never missed a single beat of our kids growing up. And they’ve never known mummy or daddy to work away from home.

alex ford and family, christmas 2021
Christmas 2021

But my experience with Prosperity of Life was not all sunshine and rainbows…

When you’re in something long enough, you start seeing the truth behind the truth.

But before we get into that, let’s dive into some facts…

What Is Prosperity Of Life?

Prosperity of Life (POL), formerly Liberty League International, is a network marketing company based out of the U.S.A. & UAE. The company offers a business opportunity and personal development/wealth creation products as online courses and live events.

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.


The opportunity is marketed as a “business in a box”. They provide the products, tools, and training to make money online and “get rich.”

On their marketing materials, you’ll hear of distributors making $10K, $20K, $50K, and even $100K+ months, working from home in only 2-3 hours per day.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Unfortunately, the truth is more brutal than that, which we'll get to soon.

How is Prosperity of Life based in the USA and UAE?

Prosperity of Life trades for the corporate entity Polaris Global Marketing LLC in the USA. Xpansion Event Management Services sells and manages the products and events in the UAE.

Who Are The Founders?

Prosperity of Life is co-owned by Shane & Rachel Krider, and Gregory Strom.

Shane & Rachel Krider typically operate the company from multiple countries, previously residing in Chile, Italy, Thailand, and currently Portugal.

Shane Krider got his start in network marketing in 1998 with a company similarly structured to Prosperity of Life, except selling travel tickets and events.

Rachel Krider, wife of Shane Krider, got her start in MLM with the health company Herbalife and became a top distributor and trainer there.

After 5 years, she made the switch to Liberty League International. 7 months into LLI, she generated a $100,000 per month income.

When Shane Krider bought out Brent Payne for Liberty League International, Rachel became a co-owner and the head of marketing for the new company Polaris Global, which later rebranded as Prosperity of Life.

Greg Strom is co-creator of the Beyond Freedom Evolution program with Shane Krider, and is lead media and content producer of all Prosperity of Life education products and documentaries.

Greg has also produced and directed over 1,000 television commercials, music videos, and feature films, including commercials that were featured on the Super Bowl and broadcast media platforms worldwide.

Now, before we dive into the product-line…

What Is Network Marketing?

As you know, when Prosperity of Life fell in my laps, I didn’t know what network marketing was. Or that the industry even existed.

Before I joined, I even shared Prosperity of Life’s business presentation with two close friends, only to have them call it a pyramid scheme and tell me that Prosperity of Life is a scam.

Of course, I didn’t listen and joined anyways. And I’m grateful I did, as the network marketing and home business industry changed my life forever.

Though, I wish someone would've educated me on what network marketing was before I joined…

So let me help you do that.

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called network marketing or pyramid selling, is a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products or services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.


Basically, network marketing is where a company sells their products and services through a network of independent sales representatives (or distributors) to new customers.

Instead of the company selling their own products by spending millions of dollars on advertising, distributors sell those products either through friends and family or by paying for advertising to generate their own leads or enquiries.

The network marketing model allows a company to have higher profit margins, and therefore pay bigger profits and commissions to distributors.

Why is network marketing controversial?

In brief, some companies operate with shady tactics that trick people into spending substantial amounts of money by promising “sizeable commissions” or that they'll “get rich” if they help to recruit others into the program.

Companies like this typically:

  • Make presentations seem like everyone will make $10K, $20K, or $50K+ per month.
  • They have never-ending “upsell” products into the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • They use fear tactics to make people buy “all” the products, otherwise “you'll be leaving a lot of money on the table.”
  • And most people only buy the products with the “hopes” of recruiting others to make the big incomes.
  • Basically, the balance between distributors and customers is way off. Only a small percentage buy the products because they truly want the products vs the business opportunity.

As you can see…

It’s very easy for the average person to lose a lot of money with the wrong company…

I’ve personally seen people spend their entire life savings on a business with the promise that they’ll get rich, only to never make a single cent…even if they did the work.

But there's also great network marketing companies…

  • Companies that don’t share income testimonials, so not to set unrealistic expectations.
  • Where people promote products first, and the opportunity second.
  • Where you don’t have to “buy all the products” in order to make a great income from selling them.
  • Companies that maintain a ratio of 70% customers and 30% distributors.
  • And where they don’t use fear tactics and never-ending upsell sequences to squeeze every last dime from new members.

So choosing the right network marketing business is very important. You don't want a company shut down because they were doing the wrong thing, after you've invested thousands of dollars with them.

In saying that, network marketing is still a great industry where anyone, with the right company, training and mentorship, can start making a great income from home.

Plus, some business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki endorse the industry…

What Exactly Does Prosperity Of Life Sell?

Prosperity of Life sells 5 main products and events.

The products have a retail price for customers who do not wish to take part in the opportunity, and the wholesale price for those who choose to be a distributor. The majority of people choose the later.

Product #1 – M1

This includes the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System and 7 Steps to 7 Figures.

prosperity of life products m1

17-Day Personal Prosperity System is an introductory personal development course.

Topics include:

  • Faculties Of The Mind
  • Internal vs. External Reality
  • Collapsing The Field
  • Seeing The Subliminal
  • Love and Gratitude Compass
  • The Sixth Sense Zone

7 Steps to 7 Figures is an introductory course on wealth and investing.

Topics include:

  • The energy around money
  • Understanding and accepting a brand new future
  • 12 critical mindset skills for wealth creation
  • High return investment strategies

Retail price: $2,855 USD
Wholesale price:  $2,285 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $1,828 USD

Product #2 – M7

This includes the Beyond Freedom Evolution 12-month course, 6 documentary films, and recorded content from the live events Foundation Live 2012, Influence Live 2014 and Sovereignty Live 2021.

prosperity of life products m7

Retail price: $5,740 USD
Wholesale cost: $4,590 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $3,672 USD

Product #3 – M7 Fast Track

This is a discounted package that includes M1 and M7 together, and is only available at the beginning when joining.

prosperity of life products m7 fast track

Retail price: $7,820 USD
Wholesale cost: $6,250 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $5,000 USD

Product #4 – M2 Sovereignty Live

This is a yearly 3-day live event on wealth creation, mindset & investment options. You’ll learn how money works, how to invest it, how to have money work for you, asset allocation, tax minimization and more.

prosperity of life products m2 sovereignty live

Topics include:

  • History Of Money
  • How Money Is Created
  • Prosperity Consciousness
  • Unlearning The Myths Of The Middle Class
  • Why And How To Take The Leap
  • Making Money Work For You

Retail price: $9,950 USD
Wholesale cost: $7,950 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $5,000 USD

Product #5 – M3 Influence Live

This is a yearly 5-day live event on advanced personal development & leadership. You’ll learn in-depth on how we create our lives by the thoughts and beliefs we hold, and how one can take control of their life and future.

prosperity of life products m3 influence live

Topics include:

  • Epi Genetics
  • Vibration, Perceptions, Attraction
  • The Field Of Infinite Potential
  • Change Your Story, Change Your Role
  • Intention And Attention
  • Delineation And Confront

Retail price: $16,190 USD
Wholesale cost: $12,950 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $8,000 USD

Important note about events – The price of events are for up to two people to attend. If just one person attends, the price is the same. Travel and accomodation are extra costs.

alex ford mediterranean cruise 2015
Mediterranean Cruise 2015

Why Would You Want To Buy The Products?

You might have thought “Geez, the products are expensive.” And you’re absolutely right!

But before you buy any (or all of them), let me explain a few things. I’ll give you the good and the bad here…

From An Entrepreneurial Perspective:

There are only a few business opportunities out there where you can make high ticket sales like in Prosperity of Life.

For me personally, I would rather a business model with the ability to make $1000+ per sale than only $50-$100 per sale. It usually, depending on the business, requires the same level of work ethic for vastly different amounts of income.

From A Product Perspective:

I’ve invested well over $100,000 on my personal development and marketing education (in and outside of Prosperity of Life). Not because I’ve had to, but because I’m passionate about personal growth and developing new skill sets.

From everything I’ve done (including Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and more), Prosperity of Life is relatively up there in terms of quality, easy to understand and actionable content that can help one get results. (As long as you apply the material, of course!)

You won't find any high-level Personal Development education for free on the internet. Sure, you can find tons of short Personal Development videos on YouTube, but nothing in a structured course format that will help you go from A-Z as fast as possible.

In saying that, there’s also tons of personal development courses you can buy online. I've paid $300 for courses from Tony Robbins and other industry leaders that have helped me far more.

Prosperity of Life courses are great. Though most of its monetary value is in the ability to resell the business opportunity. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

What about the Prosperity of Life events?

Yes, I’ve been to other events too and Prosperity of Life events are great personal development conferences. Though again, you're paying more for the the ability to resell the opportunity.

Do you have to buy the events?

Only if they’re a fit for you.

I’ve known a lot of distributors who only stayed at M1 or M7 level.

Personally, I upgraded a couple of months in because I wanted access to all the education and higher profits.

Did I (Alex) make money from selling the events?

I sure did, when I was with this company.

Should you upgrade to M8? (M8 means buying all the products: $27,000+)

Only if it’s a fit for you.

Each distributor promotes the M8 upgrade to their new members a couple of weeks in from joining. And you'll often hear company promotions for upgrading to M8 too.

I must say here…and this is the bad part…

At times, they might make you feel that you need to upgrade to M8, otherwise “you won't be as successful as you can be.” This can't be further from the truth.

I've seen some people upgrade to M8 and go on to make 6-figures+ per year. And I've seen many more go into debt or spend their life savings on M8, pay thousands on paid advertising, and not make a single cent.

This is probably the biggest catch about the business…That most people, even those that spend the $27,000+, don’t make any money at all. (Something they won’t tell you about!)

I’ll share with you how I feel about that in a sec.

For now, always remember to take your time with such a big outlay of money. And if you do decide to spend the $27K, make sure it’s money you’re willing to lose.

alex ford sovereignty live 2015
Sovereignty Live 2015

Is Prosperity Of Life MLM?

This is a tricky one.

I'll share what I've learned from industry knowledge. And FYI – some people will strongly disagree with this, and some will agree.

Prosperity of Life says it's “Not MLM” but that it's direct-sales. The truth is MLM, network marketing, and direct-sales…they all go hand in hand.

On the Direct Selling Association website, you'll see many MLM companies listed.

Prosperity of Life argues (and I used to too) that “Multi-Level” is when your profits are split with the people that joined before you.

For example, if you make a $100 sale, you might keep $30, the person before you makes $5, the person before that makes $4, the person before that makes $2, the person before that makes $1, etc.

And that's indeed true.

But that's just ONE type of compensation plan, called a Binary Plan. There's many compensation plan types. Prosperity of Life's is just another, specifically called the Australian 2-Up Plan.

Australian 2-Up: The distributor or recruiter will not earn by recruiting the first two purchasers. The sponsor (aka enrolling associate or upline) of the distributor earns the bonus. So the first two sales will go to the upline, and it is called a “2-Up” pay plan.

– Infinite MLM
prosperity of life review, australian x-up comp plan
Australian 2-Up Pay Plan

What about other MLM similarities?

They have team building, they use MLM language (upline, downline, crossline), they reference MLM industry trainers, they build multiple levels deep of distributors, they have strong MLM-style policies, and more.

The biggest difference to most MLM companies is: they sell high ticket products & events, they teach a type of online marketing, and they don't sell to friends and family.

But then there's other companies who also sell high ticket products and are ok with the MLM term. And there's also MLM companies who only teach social media marketing, never friends and family.

So is Prosperity of Life MLM? Or not?

My personal opinion today is that it's all those terms (MLM, network marketing, direct-sales). And there's nothing wrong with MLM. There's many great MLM companies and it's a growing industry.

But I'll leave that decision up to you.

How Does The Compensation Plan Work?

I want to keep this simple to understand, so I’ll cover the M1, M7 and M7 Fast Track in detail, and briefly touch on the M2 and M3 products.

In essence, the Prosperity of Life compensation plan works with 2 “pass up” qualification sales (the 2-Up Plan, as we previously talked about).

For example, let's say you purchased the M1 from me. Then the first two people that join through YOU (say John & Sarah) and purchase their products, John & Sarah will pay me.

“But wouldn’t I be missing out on money?” you ask…

That depends.

You see, the 2 “pass up” sales do a couple of things.

Firstly, it’s an incentive for your enrolling associate to support and help you get your business up and running.

Secondly, once you understand the business, it’s an incentive for YOU to support and mentor your team members to build their businesses.

These sound great in theory. But the reality is quite different…

Short term, your enrolling associate may walk you through a couple of their tools. You might have 2 or 3 calls for this.

Long term, your enrolling associate is more there to answer very brief questions for you. It’s not coaching in the traditional sense. They're not there to hold your hand in helping you set up your business or review your marketing.

When I was in the business, and when I had questions for my enrolling associate, I only got 2 minutes of her time max. on the phone. And I never got any feedback on how to improve my marketing so it worked faster.

We’ll talk more about support and mentorship soon.

Thirdly, the 2 “pass up” sales are a type of residual income, where all you do is support your team members and you reap the benefits.

Once you’ve completed your qualification process, you'll never have to “pass up” sales again for that particular product you’re qualified in, and you won't have to meet sales quotas every month. You’ll make all the profits from every sale from then on…and from your enrolled members’ “pass up” sales too.

At least, that’s what Prosperity of Life promises. The truth is that most people don’t ever get qualified, and they quit a few months in after spending thousands more on advertising and getting zero sales.

Not what you expected to hear? 

I told you I’d be brutally honest in this Prosperity of Life review, didn’t I!

The reality too is that some people DO get qualified. I don’t know the exact number. But from my 7 years experience in the company, it’s very low.

If I could throw out a number, I’d say less that 5% of new members get qualified out and into a profit making position.

So that begs the question…

Is it worth becoming one of the top 5% in order to make money from the 95% of people who will never make any money themselves? And especially if the 95% invest over $27,000+ with the promise of getting rich?

I know of one lady who spent $70,000 within 12 months. She bought all the products (M8), she spent tens of thousands on advertising, she did the work, and she only made ONE qualifying sale…which of course went to her enrolling associate. She didn’t make a single cent personally, so she quit at the 12 month mark.

Now, let's talk about how to get qualified faster….

alex ford tahiti 2011
Tahiti 2011

Should You Get Started With M1 Or M7 Fast Track?

In Prosperity of Life’s presentation, they show that you can get qualified faster by purchasing M7 Fast Track, which is just a combination of the M1 and M7 products bundled together.

If you only purchase the M1, you would complete 2 “pass up” sales to become a qualified M1 Director. If you then purchase the M7 later, you would complete 2 more “pass up” sales to become a qualified M7 Director.

Side note: A “Director” just means you're qualified and can now make all the profits from a particular product.

However, if you purchase the M7 Fast Track from the beginning you’ll only complete 2 “pass up” sales in total, and you’ll be qualified out as an M1 and M7 Director.

So which one should you get?

That depends on your goals and your current financial position.

If you want to get qualified faster, go M7 Fast Track. Otherwise, M1 is also a good option.

But keep in mind – 95% of people never make money with this business.

I’m not saying that you will or you won’t make any money at all. I’m only suggesting that you make the wisest financial decision for yourself.

How Does The M2 & M3 Compensation Plans Work?

The M2 and M3 products have a different compensation plan.

Basically, you must complete 5 “pass up” sales for each product. And the pass up sales can happen from a combination of yours and your enroller’s M2 or M3 sales to new distributors.

If I try to explain this any more, I’d probably do a terrible job LOL

So let’s just leave it at this…

In order to profit from the M2 and M3, a distributor must also get qualified at each of those products.

The company has various promotions for new distributors to buy these higher end products with the promise of making more money.

For example, the M8 offer where they ask you to invest over $27,000 for products.

People that buy the M8 offer do so more so they can profit from those products than the value of the products (or events) themselves. Another thing we’ll talk about in a sec.

What Other Costs Are Involved?

So other than purchasing the M1 or M7 Fast Track when you join, maybe the M2 and M3 a couple of weeks in, and passing up some sales, you’ll also have on-going monthly non-hidden and hidden expenses.

The total “non-hidden” expenses is $163 USD the first month, then $153 USD per month thereafter...

1) Registration & Distributor Website with Back Office

This is where you access the marketing training, pre-written ads and access information on the growth of your business.

$49.95 for the first month, $39.95/month thereafter.

2) Lead Manager

This is a tool that helps you to keep track of all your leads. Similar to a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).


3) Training Portal

This is to access the daily live training calls and livestreams.


4) Website Builder (

This is a tool where you can set up pre-made marketing landing pages to generate leads.


The total “hidden” expenses depends on what a distributor’s advertising budget is…

1) Annual Membership Renewal Fee

A fee charged every January to renew a member’s distributorship.

Prosperity of Life doesn't mention this fee on their presentation, and it catches most distributors by surprise when their first year in the company comes around. So I believe it’s important for you to know.


2) Advertising Expenses

One of the most common questions I got when I was building the Prosperity of Life business was: “How much should I expect to spend on advertising?”

The company taught me to give a totally different answer then to what I'll give you now.

The old me would say:

“You can spend as much money or as little as you like. Some members choose to not spend any money and only do free advertising methods. Others choose to spend money on advertising to ‘go faster.’ I’d recommend starting with at least $100 per month.”

Sounds attractive, right?

The truth is this business is heavily based on paid advertising. And their free marketing training is, unfortunately, no where close to the high quality training available in the industry right now (and similar with their paid ads training).

For paid advertising, sure you can start with $100/mo.

But expect to spend $2000-4000+ per month for any significant results.

PRO TIP – When someone shares big income testimonials, ask: “What percentage of that did you spend to make those $50,000 per month?

You’ll often find distributors spending 50% or more. In fact, I’ve heard cases of people spending more in advertising than what they made at those income levels.

And this typically comes down to gaps in Prosperity of Life’s marketing training, which we’ll talk about now…

alex ford barcelona spain 2015
Barcelona, Spain 2015

How Does The Marketing Work? And Does It Work?

Unfortunately, marketing is where Prosperity of Life falls down the most. You wouldn’t expect it to, being a business that says is digital marketing based.

4 years into Prosperity of Life, I started not enjoying the business. The main reason was I didn’t feel proficient in marketing one bit.

Though you'd expect to be somewhat proficient 4 years in, right?

A lot of my ads didn’t work and I didn’t know why, let alone know how to improve my ads or marketing. And the best advice I kept hearing in the company was to “keep throwing spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.”

Can you imagine playing darts blindfolded? You’d have to throw TONS of darts at the dartboard to eventually get one or two darts in the bullseye.

That’s exactly how Prosperity of Life’s marketing feels.

You do marketing blindfolded. And you either have to post hundreds of free ads on job boards, or spend thousands on advertising and hope that one or two ads will work.

And when you do get one dart in the bullseye, you don’t know why or how to replicate it again. Because you never developed any real skillsets.

So what type of marketing does Prosperity of Life offer?

They train on how to market your business by placing paid “work from home” ads using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and more. They also have free marketing training, mostly to do with posting ads on classified sites and job boards like Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree and others. 

It’s totally up to you if you set aside a budget for paid ads, though I’d recommend it with this business.

Unfortunately, their free marketing training is not as effective compared to what else is available in the industry right now. (I consistently see people – not in Prosperity of Life – make 6-figures their first year using only free marketing strategies).

And because there’s a lot of gaps in their marketing training, even their paid ads training is not as effective as it could be.

You’ll rely more on luck than developing any transferrable marketing skillsets.

One warning here, and a tip for success…

There's a mentality in Prosperity of Life that to be successful you need to “spend more money on advertising”. I heard that over and over, and I saw plenty of people spend tens of thousands on advertising and get little to no results. Most of them quit.

The reality is that “spending more money on advertising” is just half the secret. The other and more important secret is to continually develop your marketing skillsets.

If your marketing isn't working, don't spend more money on it. Instead, get more skilled. And the more skilled you get, THEN slowly spend more money on advertising…while you track and measure your results.

Unfortunately, they don’t teach how to track & measure your ads in Prosperity of Life. And what you can’t measure, you can’t improve.

So if they don't give you the answers you need, seek out that knowledge, and/or hire a marketing coach.

How does the simple 3-step system work?

To make money with Prosperity of Life, there’s a 3-step system all distributors have to follow.

Step 1: Place An Ad

As we’ve discussed, Prosperity of Life will teach you how to place “work from home” ads on platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc, to generate leads (or enquiries of people curious about the opportunity).

You’ve most likely seen them. That’s how you would have found the opportunity.

prosperity of life review, work from home ads

The company will give you example work from home ads you can copy and tweak to make your own. This is great, in that it’s somewhat easy to get started with (ie. you don’t gave to be an expert).

But unfortunately, they don't teach you how to be proficient with writing ads over time. Because of this, many members struggle to make their ads work.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It’ll just take patience and handling some frustration. 

Step 2: Interview Leads & Qualify

Once you’ve generated a lead, the next step is to call them for a scripted interview.

The purpose of this call is to “qualify” prospects and see if they’re a good fit for the opportunity. But also, so you can get through big enough numbers of people, and then only deal with people who are more likely to buy.

For example, you wouldn’t want to only call college students who just want to earn a couple hundred dollars per week. You’d waste your time because they’re more interested in getting their college degree than investing in a business. And most wouldn’t be able to afford the investment at that stage of their lives.

So the interview is a great process.

However, an issue here is they don't teach you how to generate highly-interested leads or prospects. Most people just aren't interested, so you’ll spend a lot of time on the phone with prospects that will never buy.

You’ll get a lot of people that don’t answer the phone, you’ll leave a lot of voicemails, you’ll get a lot of no-shows on follow up calls, and you’ll experience rejection on a daily basis.

When I was with Prosperity of Life, I did the phone calls because it brought in money. Though, if I knew at the time that there was a better way, I would have preferred not to do so many phone calls.

But it works. And some people are ok with making those calls.

So you understand the numbers, which can help you if you join…

On average, you’ll need to call 100 leads in order to get 1 solid ‘yes’.

But they won’t buy right away. As, with this business, it takes on average 6 to 9 months for someone that says Yes to get started and buy.

So you’ll want to keep spending money on advertising, to keep putting people through the system for a few month, until sales pop out the other side.

Step 3: Following Up

Once a qualified prospect has gone through the information, a follow up call happens to answer their questions.

Firstly, most prospects do not show up for that call. For the small percentage that do, a traditional process in the network marketing industry happens – the 3 way call.

The 3 way call is where your enroller gets on a conference call with you and your prospect…so your enroller can answer your prospect’s questions for you.

These calls typically range from 30 to 60 mins each.

Eventually, you’ll also be supporting your team members by doing 3 way calls for them and their prospects.

And again, people that say ‘yes’ that they want to get started, once a 3 way call is done, they’ll usually take 6 to 9 months to come back, join, and buy.

Is The Prosperity Of Life Opportunity Easy?

Though Prosperity of Life suggests that the opportunity is simple (easy, even)… it’s not.

But then, what business is easy?

None really. They all require developing new skills and a real work ethic.

And though Prosperity of Life has step-by-step training… 

Their training has a lot of gaps, and they’re still behind the curve with digital marketing.

For example, most Prosperity of Live members constantly have their ad accounts shut down, because social media platforms don’t like network marketing.

For members that make it work, it’s a constant battle of creating new social media accounts under new names in order to keep advertising, while breaking those platforms’ policies.

prosperity of life testimonials

And having learned from top marketers in the industry…

I’ve discovered that if you truly learn digital marketing, you won’t run into these problems with social media platforms.

Unfortunately, Prosperity of Life is still behind. And because of this, marketing is not so easy with their opportunity.

But if you do join the opportunity (and though they're against this advice), if one day you need outside help, training or coaching…look for it.

Because the better you get, and the more skills you gain as a digital marketer, the easier building an online business will be!

Is Prosperity Of Life Scientology?


In the 7 years I was with Prosperity of Life, I didn't hear them teach Scientology. Prosperity of Life revolves around personal development & wealth creation principles.

And yes, Shane Krider is a member of the Church of Scientology.

In fact, I was conflicted about it when I found out early into the business. So I did my research to understand both sides of the story…

And then, I came to the conclusion that everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs – and I respect that.

But again, from my experience, I found Prosperity of Life to be free of religious and political beliefs.

Is Prosperity Of Life A Pyramid Scheme?

When I was with POL, I would have said “no, it’s not a pyramid scheme.”

Today, my answer is the same…but that it’s also on a fine line of not being a pyramid scheme.


Over the years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has shut down some network marketing companies, because they primarily focused on recruiting people for the business opportunity. So then, those new recruits can recruit more people to do the same thing.

And sure, those companies made product sales. But most people that bought them did so so they could get qualified to resell them, not because they truly wanted the products.

Almost every year, government authorities shut down 1 to 2 companies and declare them a pyramid scheme, while thousands of people lose a lot of money.

The companies most protected from this are those that are more product-focused than opportunity-focused…and those who have a bigger percentage of customers compared to distributors. Say 70% customers vs 30% distributors.

As from my 7 years in Prosperity of Life, I saw most distributors only focused on bringing in more distributors. There’s definitely an imbalance. Though I don’t know the exact numbers.

I’m not saying that government authorities will shut down Prosperity of Life one day. It’s just important to be aware of what happens in the industry so you can make better decisions for yourself.

What about network marketing? Is it a pyramid scheme too?

This video will humorously answer that question…

Do You Have To “Sell” In Prosperity Of Life?

This is a touchy one, so all I can do is give you my opinion.

Firstly, no matter what anyone tells you, if a business requires the sale of products to make revenue, it's sales. From this standpoint, Prosperity of Life is a sales company.

Secondly, the business is based on a script. When you call the leads you’ve generated, you’ll run through a scripted interview to find out if the Prosperity Of Life opportunity is a fit for them.

However, you won’t have to “hard sell,” meaning you won’t have to convince or overcome objections. Your enrolling associate will answer the questions of your prospects on a “3 way” conference call.

In time, you’ll also be doing 3 way calls for your team members and their prospects.

And though Prosperity of Life gives you a script, a script is a crutch…

Yes, a script is a great way to get started when you’re new. But over time, the more skills you learn around prospecting, recruiting and sales, the easier building a business will be.

Why? Well, a script will make you sounds like a robot. And speaking with people is all about connection, building relationships, and knowing what a prospect’s needs and desires are.

And when you’re able to make that connection and truly serve a prospect (without sounding like a robot or someone you’re not), you can have more people join any opportunity or buy any product or service with a lot less effort.

alex ford pisa italy 2015
Pisa, Italy 2015

Do I Have To Get On The Phone?

Yes, the Prosperity of Life opportunity relies heavily on phone calls.

As we've discussed, the process involves generating leads (or enquiries), calling all your leads, providing them information, calling them back to follow up, doing 3 way calls with your enrolling associate, eventually doing 3 way calls for yourself and your own team members, and training your new team members on how to use the tools.

And based on my experience and the experience of others, the more your business grows, the more time you'll spend on the phone. Especially as you'll be supporting more and more of your team members with their 3 way calls.

In fact, expect to spend up to 4-6 hours on the phone daily once you've reached a certain level of success.

Unfortunately, there's no other way with Prosperity of Life. So if you want to learn how to build a highly leveraged online business, without spending hours on the phone each day, this company might not be the right fit.

An Inside Look Into Prosperity Of Life

In this video I pull back the curtains and take you on a behind the scenes tour of Prosperity of Life's systems, tools and products.

Note: I made this video in 2016 when I was still with POL. Some of the training and products have changed since then. My views of the company have also changed.

Reg Flags You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

So while Prosperity of Life is a legitimate opportunity, and not a pyramid scheme, there’s some red flags you need to know about…ones that were raised for me inside the company.

Prosperity of Life was born from former company Liberty League International (LLI), co-owned by Shane Krider.

Liberty League had a history of legal problems. But they were never conclusive and the company was never declared a pyramid scheme.

Let's get into the facts…

prosperity of life lawsuits

Terry Goddard Settles With Personal Development Marketing Company…

In 2006, Office of Attorney General Terry Goddard required Liberty League International to pay a $115,000 settlement.

First, for a company that was valued at over $170 million, that’s a very small settlement. This alone raises questions about the legal proceedings.

Second, what happened was that a top distributor at the time was tricking prospects into spending substantial amounts of money by guaranteeing results.

And because of that, the company landed in hot water and went to court.

Side note: Any sort of ‘guaranteed results' when selling an opportunity, product or service is illegal all around the world.

Shane Krider, out of his own accord, offered the $115,000 settlement. Because he understood the top distributor did wrong.

The settlement happened, and the top distributor got kicked out of the company.

In an FTC document, there’s no mention that the company was declared a pyramid scheme.

Liberty League Called A $5 Million Scam…

In 2009, Andrew S. Friedman & Patricia N. Syverson (two class action lawyers) saw an opportunity for easy money.

Because of the 2006 settlement, they thought it would be easy to sue Liberty League for allegedly scamming people. So they got a class action lawsuit against the company.

The class action lawyers got 3 disgruntled ex-distributors on board and went to court.

Though a news article online calls Liberty League a $5 Million Scam, that’s the article alone. The article only alleges that it’s a pyramid scheme.

Nothing came out of the lawsuit, and LLI was not declared a pyramid scheme.

Liberty League Found To Be A Pyramid Scheme In Australia…

An article on, a website known for its criticism of the MLM industry, says that Liberty League was found to be a pyramid scheme in New South Wales, Australia.

There’s no official word from NSW Fair Trading on Liberty League International, and a letter found online could be manufactured.

We can't be sure either way.

However, during my decade in the industry, when a network marketing company is officially declared a pyramid scheme, it’s typically a lengthy court process to get there…

And it’s always published online by government agencies and mainstream news outlets, not bedroom blog sites.

What do I (Alex) think of all this?

Many companies in the network marketing industry have been targets of class action lawsuits. And some have been shut down too.

My opinion is that Prosperity of Life is not a pyramid scheme, but it’s in a gray area. And it does have the potential to be declared a pyramid scheme in the future.

Though, any company can pivot and make changes so it gets further away from the pyramid scheme definition.

Will Prosperity of Life do that? I don’t know.

But I have seen many companies make significant changes so they’re more product-focused than opportunity-focused.

In the end, only YOU can decide whether Prosperity of Life is a pyramid scheme or not. 

Red Flag #2 – Company Name Changes

Over the years, Prosperity of Life has had a few name changes, many of them understandable as the company evolved…or as they created different names for different departments.

prosperity of life company name changes

Around 2017, one concern for me personally was when the company started to be structured around the world.

For example, it went from only being Polaris Global in Arizona USA… to then all tool subscriptions being paid to Polaris Global, and all products & event tickets paid to Xpansion Event Management Services’ (XEMS) bank account in Dubai UAE.

I found this a bit strange, especially as Dubai is famously known to be a tax haven. And the XEMS name is not consistent with the Polaris Global or Prosperity of Life brands.

xpansion event management services bank wire
XEMS Bank Wire Details

Though I never came to a conclusion about this, I understand many companies are legally structured around the world – like Google or Facebook.

But it’s worth a mention as I know others have questioned this too.

Red Flag #3 – Corporate Control of Information

This is one of the first red flags I noticed inside Prosperity of Life, especially when I was just starting to have success.

I had just made a 5-figure profit week, and Rachel Krider asked me to be interviewed on a training call.

The day before the training, Rachel asked to speak with me. So we hopped on the phone and she coached me on what to say and what not to say.

During the call, I told her about how I’d recently spent US$5000 on advertising in one month and I got zero sales. But that thankfully, I generated $7000 from some other marketing campaigns.

She specifically told me not to share that story on the training call because “it could scare new members.”

I thought that was fair at the time, but I also felt uncomfortable that information had to be withheld.

Today, I would be more than happy to share that story. Especially because it’s a lesson on the importance of developing marketing skillsets versus just throwing more money at marketing and hoping that it’ll stick.

But the concept of ‘developing your marketing skillsets’ is one I didn’t hear once in the 7 years I was with Prosperity of Life.

And I’ve heard plenty of stories like that from ex-members…

The most common one, when a distributor is invited onto a live training call because they made a big amount of money. For example, $20,000 in a week or month.

But the reality is that they either spent a lot more on advertising over the months or years than sales they’ve made…or they’re getting into more and more debt just to keep their paid ads running.

prosperity of life testimonials

And it doesn’t help when you’re constantly told on training calls to “spend more money on advertising.”

Again, not once did I hear good advice like “develop your marketing skillsets, spend slowly on advertising, track & measure your results, get feedback from a coach, and once your ads are working at a small scale…only then increase your advertising spend.”

So information is closely controlled by corporate…from the business presentation right through to the training calls.

Red Flag #4 – You’re Locked Into The Opportunity

4.5 years into the business, I wasn’t happy with Prosperity of Life’s marketing training. I didn’t feel one bit proficient in marketing. So I bought training from top marketing leaders in the industry.

The more I learned, the more my were eyes opened to what real online marketing was. And as I implemented it into my Prosperity of Life business, and realizing that it worked better, I decided to create my own marketing courses and coaching program.

This landed me in hot water with Prosperity of Life corporate. I had multiple calls with the compliance department because they didn’t like me selling my own courses and coaching program online. They said it was a conflict of interest.

This was something that created a lot of stress for me. Because though at the time I enjoyed being in the Prosperity of Life community, I had also built a passion for training others in the industry.

This was one of many reasons why I left Prosperity of Life…

Because though it says in their compliance guide that members can have other businesses, the reality is very different once you’re making money with their program.

They keep you locked in and only wanting you to promote their stuff. I honestly felt more like a sales rep than truly owning my own online business. 

And I’ve heard multiple stories of members that left because they weren’t allowed to start their own brand, business or products…or they got kicked out for promoting other companies’ products or programs.

Pro Tip – A good program will not only have the ability to promote their program and products, but they’ll also teach you how to be self-reliant, and know how to source other products online that you can sell to build a long term, sustainable business. 

Red Flag #5 – You Don’t Get Coaching

Though Prosperity of Life says in their presentation that they offer coaching and mentorship, unfortunately they don’t.

They have their recorded marketing training and daily live training calls, but they’re not places you can ask in-depth questions or get your websites or ads reviewed.

When you ask your enroller questions, the company teaches to just say “Go back through the training videos” over and over again. And being a coach myself now, and having hired marketing coaches too, that response is NOT coaching.

Your enroller will never jump on Zoom with you to review your marketing and show you how to improve and get it working faster. There’s also no group coaching environments where that happens.

The only time you might get some coaching is when they occasionally add it as an offer for people that upgrade to M8 (buying all the products for $27,000+). You might get ONE session with a top leader in the company or Rachel Krider herself. But nothing on-going.

And when they say you can call your enroller, you’ll only get a couple of minutes of their time if you're lucky. I remember calling my enroller a few times, and because she was so busy on the phone each day, I only got 2 minutes max.

This was another reason why I left Prosperity of Life. Because I could no longer promote a company where members don’t get the training or coaching they need to be successful.

prosperity of life testimonials

Red Flad #6 – The Truth Behind Video Testimonials

This was probably the biggest red flag that came up just before I quit Prosperity of Life.

Have you seen those fancy videos of Prosperity of Life members living a luxurious lifestyle in Thailand and around the world? They’re in fancy hotels, on yachts, and living the life?

It looks like everyone in Prosperity of Life is making money, right?


In 95% of those videos, those people haven’t made a single cent in the business…

So how do they get to live such a luxurious life like those videos suggest?

The reality: by getting into debt.

Here’s how it happens… A couple of weeks into Prosperity of Life, an offer is presented to new members to buy all the products (to go M8 by investing more than $27,000).

And when you invest that money, Prosperity of Life “gives” you the Video 6 Pack Promotion, as it’s called.

When I was with the company, they gave you $1000 back for flights, they paid for your accomodation in Thailand, and their video team recorded it for you.

You could then start marketing with a video that only implies you’re making a lot of money, even if you haven’t made a single cent.

See how that was a big red flag for me?

I personally found the strategy of these implied video testimonials lacking integrity.

And unfortunately, many people have lost a lot of money because they thought the fancy videos would make them money, so they spent the tens of thousands for them…only to later quit because they couldn’t get their marketing to work. (Hint: they weren’t taught real skillsets.)

But I’ll let you decide what to think of this.

prosperity of life review, shane krider, alex ford
Rising Star Award 2013

Do I (Alex) Still Recommend Prosperity Of Life?

Unfortunately, no.

I’ve seen too many people not get the training and support they need to be successful, lose a lot of money, and get hurt spiritually and emotionally.

The biggest reason though is that Prosperity of Life is not a business where you’ll learn real, transferable online business and marketing skills.

But that’s not saying that it won’t be for you. I've presented you the facts, taken you behind the scenes, and you now know both sides of the story.

Only you can decide if it's a fit for you, or not.

Who Is Prosperity Of Life Best For?

Prosperity of Life is best suited for people who like personal development, who want to learn from Shane Krider, who like Shane’s style, and don’t mind investing thousands of dollars for it.

If you truly want to invest in their products because you see value in them, go for it.

If you also intend to never promote other products or services, never create your own courses or coaching program, and if you’ll only ever promote Prosperity of Life, then it possibly might be for you.

Who Is Prosperity Of Life NOT For?

If you’re looking for a business where you’ll learn real, transferrable skillsets that you can use with any business to promote any products or services, and know how to make money no matter what happens to a company, the industry, or the world…then Prosperity of Life might not be for you.

It’s also not for people who want the best training, coaching and on-going support, or for people who don’t want to spend hours on the phone each day talking to strangers.

Why Did I (Alex) Leave Prosperity Of Life?

As with the rest of this review, some people will appreciate this section, others will see it with critical eyes – and that's ok. The important thing for me is to be transparent.

I left Prosperity Of Life in December 2018 after thinking long and hard about it.

During my last 3 years there, I invested a lot of time and money outside the company with the intent of developing my online marketing skills to a high level. 

As a result, I've progressed so much and have even had industry recognition, which has been amazing.

Here's what happened…

Unfortunately over time, the better my marketing got and the more exposure I received in the industry, the more negative feedback that started arising from inside Prosperity of Life!

I started getting compliance issues because my marketing was misunderstood, I was being frowned upon by some leaders, my wife and I were avoided by other leaders at company events, misperceptions of me were growing in the company, there was apparent confusion and fear in the community because of my marketing, and the list goes on.

As a result of all this, I experienced some great stress and anxiety during my last few months, and it was starting to affect my family. I thought if I kept going it would all get better. But it didn’t.

And to be honest, I lost my passion for this company a couple of months before I quit. The only thing that kept me going was supporting my team and my desire to help them succeed at their personal business goals, and also coaching people outside the company. I just wanted to help people trying to break free the way I had.

But towards the end, I realized I had to put myself and my family first.

So that’s when I made the decision to leave Prosperity of Life and move on to a new company.

And I’m grateful I did, as I’m very happy with the increase in results I've achieved, and the thousands of people I’ve helped.

How I Make Money Online Now…

In the end, I moved to a company in the digital marketing education space.

This company’s main focus is to help people who want to start their own online business to get the education, systems, and mentorship they need to make a full-time income online.

You do this through digital marketing. Specifically by promoting other people's products online… and when a sale is made through your own efforts, YOU make a percentage of that sale.

It's much simpler to do because you don't have to create your own products, do the customer service, or anything technical like that.

You just do some simple promotional strategies on social media that anyone can do, and you can do it in 1 to 2 hours per day.

I learned this process in 2018 from a $7 course I took and it's still what I do today to make a full-time income from home around my family.

If you'd like to learn more, I wrote a free eBook where I break down exactly how it works… and how to build a highly profitable online business in your spare time.

You'll also be able to join my private Facebook group for questions and support.

Plus, you'll get access to the same $7 course that taught me everything I know about making money online.

And because I don't gatekeep…

Yes, there are additional products offered later starting from $2500. They're completely optional.

I bought them because they made sense for me. They might not make sense for you.

The $7 course is amazing and it will walk you through the basics of digital marketing… and even help get you set up and running within a week.

And yes, you can promote the company's own products without having to buy any additional products yourself… and you can still earn the full commissions.

Or you can use your newfound skills to find other high-value products online to promote. You're not locked into any one business or product.

You also don't have to recruit people for a business opportunity, call strangers on the phone, invest tens of thousands of dollars, or spend any money on paid ads!

Want to learn more? Click the button below to get my free book that explains how this concept works!

The book will answer most of your questions.

But if you have any more, feel free to reach out via email or Facebook. I personally respond to all emails and messages.

1. This is an honest Prosperity of Life Review based on insider facts and my own personal experience.
2. This is not a paid Prosperity of Life Review. However, I may earn money or commissions from the sale of any product or service on my website. 
3. When deciding on what will be the perfect online business for you and your family, trust your intuition. Not every business is for everyone. (Yes, including the one I recommend.)
4. I’m in no way trying to persuade you away from Prosperity Of Life, if it's a fit for you. But also, many people won’t resonate with it. If you’re one of them, get my free eBook to learn about the business I recommend. Email me if you have questions.
5. Results and income are not guaranteed in any business. Your results may vary.

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